Bath Spa University HEAR case study

This case study focuses on the implementation of the HEAR at Bath Spa University. Seven of the institutions involved in trialling the HEAR produced case studies that outline the areas below in relation to implementing the HEAR:

• Their institutional background (contextual factors);

• Their reasons for participating in the trial;

• Their 'structural' starting points (relating to Transcript, DS, extra-curricular awards/provision; SRS, data held centrally [e.g. in respect of module marks]);

• Their 'people' starting points: who was involved from the outset (e.g. Registry, IT, Careers and Employability, Learning and Teaching), how, and why?;

• What key actions they took toward implementation, and in what sequence; • The reaction(s) of a) students; b) employers; c) academic staff; d) administrative staff to their work on the HEAR; • Lessons they have learnt through the process that may be useful to institutions getting started with the HEAR;

• Their future plans for HEAR development.