Wider stakeholder engagement with the HEAR

This short report distils the main findings of a small-scale research project that looked at the ways in which a range of types of key stakeholders might use the new Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) in their organisations and circumstances. It aims to provide stakeholders, both those within the higher education sector and other, external, end users of the HEAR, with information about emerging practice. To this end it also draws some general conclusions about the current direction the introduction of the HEAR is taking. More detailed information, targeted at the specific stakeholder groups, is also being prepared using the research findings. The work was initiated by the Burgess Implementation Steering Group and has subsequently been carried out under the auspices of the HEAR Advisory Committee and funded by the Higher Education Academy. The brief was to carry out research work to investigate stakeholder attitudes to, and potential uses for, the new Higher Education Achievement Report with the aim of informing stakeholders and the HEAR Advisory Committee on the uses and potential uses being made of the HEAR.

Rob Ward
Jane W. Denholm